Thursday, May 19, 2011

My (Bad) Luck with Phones

I couldn't tell you what my first phone was, because I don't remember. I know I got it my second semester of college, and couldn't pay for it come summer after my freshman year (I'm so responsible).

After that, it was hell trying to get in contact with me. That is, until I discovered Net10! I could talk for only 10 cents a minute, and texts were only worth half a minute! I had some less than awesome crap phone (I think it was Nokia or something). Anyway, after having that for a while, I gave up on it for several reasons:

  1. The phone was crap.
  2. 10 cents per minute and 5 cents per text (sent or received) is not a good deal.
  3. Several times, I would end a call, but the seconds would keep ticking. I pressed end several times, to no avail.
  4. I hated talking on the phone. I was keeping constant tabs of how much time I was talking. It was annoying.
So I went with Verizon. Yay! I like Verizon. I got my minutes that I rarely use, but get unlimited texts. This way, when my mom texts "k," I don't have to freak out that I'm wasting valuable minutes.

I'd tell you what that first phone was, but I lost it a while back on the Greyhound. That sucked.

My second phone with Verizon (4th overall) was a Samsung Smooth. This baby cost me the least amount of money when I went to replace my lost cell phone. But I obviously have no phone loyalty, so...

I bought the LG env3 off of a friend. This one was truly awful. It would turn itself off for no reason at all. One time I was donating plasma (a nice little hobby of mine) and overheard other people talking about their phones and how much they sucked because they always turned off. I looked over and, lo and behold, they had this piece of crap phone. Not to mention I had to have a stupid data plan, which I almost never used. It was truly a waste of $10 a month. I actually marked on my calendar when I would get a free upgrade (and I don't do well with calendars; they're much too organized for me).

So I was happy when that date came and I got my Samsung Intensity II in Metallic Blue (say that 3 times fast). This one caused me problems from the git go. The first one I had had a faulty screen that broke the next day, though I did nothing to break it.

They replaced that one graciously with Samsung Intensity II in Metallic Blue #2. That one lasted a week before it started screwing up all of my contacts, saving some multiple times and refusing to save others. Plus the backlight wouldn't turn off, which drained my battery quick. That was obviously not my fault, so they gave me #3.

#3 lasted a while. I was pleased. I dropped it several times (a week) and the screen stayed in one piece. The backlight only refused to turn off once, but it walked it off and was fine after that. It was just a bit of humidity.

Hey, speaking of water, you know what happens when you drop a Samsung Intensity II in Metallic Blue in the toilet? It turns off and doesn't turn on again. Even after 2 days of sitting in rice and a couple hours in my car in the Arizona heat. Yeah, it's donezo.

So what phone am I using now? Well, I had to resort back to my Samsung Smooth. And it's doing me well. I'm not gonna lie. I miss the QWERTY keyboard and, you know, all those numbers I'd saved that were lost. But hey, I have a nice, working phone now.

That is, until my next inevitable cell phone disaster.