Friday, June 26, 2009

Brought to my knees

God is always in control. Sometimes we acknowledge that. Sometimes we think we're in control. Sometimes I think God reminds us--sometimes painfully--that He is sovereign and we can do nothing but rely on Him.

I was told late last night/early this morning that the campus director for the Navigators at ASU, Mike Bedient, had a heart attack while in Pushkin, Russia. It's almost unbelievable. After hearing today that Michael Jackson was hospitalized for the same thing, I did not want to hear that, because I know how it ended up for him. My natural human instinct is to ask, "What can I do?" I've done the only thing I could possibly do to help: I petitioned the Great Physician. I am a history graduate in a completely different continent. There is literally nothing I can do to help Mike out except pray. And so that's what I've done and that's what I'll continue to do. I've told God that I'm praying my will, because I fear that His might be different. I'm praying that God heals Mike and comforts his family and the others who are on the Russia trip with Mike. And I pray that God does not have to use situations like this to bring me to my knees.

Please pray for Mike in this time. Last I've heard, he was talking and was aware of the situation. Not only for Mike, but the other people in Russia with him, because I can't imagine the toll this is taking on them, especially Sheri. Pray for the ASU Navigators, as my friend as told me that she's seen spiritual warfare going on, and I know that satan will do whatever is in his power to get his grimy hands on a thriving ministry.

I'll keep this updated as I find things out.


*UPDATE*6/26/09, 12:41--"Mike is in a stable condition. The doctors aren't excited about where he is at, but Sheri says that when she visited him he was smiling and in good spirits. He is being flown out to Germany sometime in the next 24 hours. He is in need of some very specialized equipment to get him there."

*UPDATE* 7/2/09, 10:21--"Good news. Mike is out of the coma, responding, but not yet communicative as of this morning. He had had a bad fever but they’ve gotten it under control. He’s off the ventilator. So still critical, but stable and improving.
Sounds like the German Navs have helped Sheri find housing and are taking care of her. Sheri, however, has been alone with Mike at the hospital most of the time and needs a friend. Lisa Jackson, former Nav missionary to Russia and on Mike and Sheri’s team back then, is flying out tomorrow and will arrive Sunday morning to be that friend. The Arizona State team and particularly the Pushkin team from Russia have been very supportive.
Everything is complicated by poor English skills of several of the key care givers. The somewhat sketchy understanding is that they expect Mike to be able to leave the hospital by the 9th if things go well, but that is a flexible date. Then, there is confusion over whether Mike will have to remain in Berlin for 7-14 more days of rehab, or if he can fly home and get that rehab in the US.
Please pray:

* Mike has a very irregular heartbeat. Pray that would stabilize.
* Pray for Sheri’s spirits, particularly until Lisa arrives. Pray for the Bedient children too – Becca, Sarah and Michael.
* Pray for clear communications between Sheri and the doctors and nurses.
* Pray for a rapid recovery and for Mike to be able to return to his home sooner. Pray particularly against infection.
* Praise God for sparing Mike’s life!

Thanks for standing with the Bedients in prayer."

*UPDATE* 7/9/2009
Mike is greatly improved! He’s finally off the ventilator. (It was previously reported he was off the ventilator – that report was wrong.) His stats are good enough that they plan to move him from intensive care tomorrow. Nevertheless, he is very weak. His idea of progress would be getting out of the bed and sitting in a chair, which he’s still far from.
Please continue to pray for strength and healing. Also, can you pray for all the details that the kids back home are having to deal with. They have had a few bumps with "regular life" things, along with the stress of what their parents are going through. Another request is that the luggage that was left behind in Russia will make it to Berlin without too much of a hassle for those who are diligently trying to work out the details.