Thursday, May 14, 2009

If at second you don't succeed...

I took the driving test again today. It took all of 2 minutes. I hit a cone while parallel parking. I would be considerably less upset if 1) I hadn't already passed that part yesterday, showing that I can in fact parallel park and 2) parallel parking were actually a useful skill. Seriously, how often do people parallel park? Why not a 3-point-turn? Why not a left turn at a major intersection? Now I wasted one more try at a license because I couldn't see the cones at all in the side mirror or out the window.

Boo to you, DMV and parallel parking.


Ayeser said...

I agree(!), it's rare a person will ever have to parallel park and even then they probably had the choice to park somewhere else. Meh, but the comments clearly show that we all believe in you so no worries, you'll be on the road non-parallel-parking soon enough. :-)